In case you missed the meeting about the new school last month, there was a sheet of frequently asked questions that were distributed.  These FAQs are captured below.

Will the new design provide a larger school?

Yes, the existing building is 52,602 square feet and the building we are planning to provide will be 83,000 square feet.

When will construction begin on the new building?

The building will be demolished in June 2017, so that construction can begin that summer.

Will there be two covered play areas?

There is only one covered play area, which will be 10,000 square feet.  Additionally, the building will have an overhang to protect students and parents from the weather at pick-up and drop-off times.

 Will there by any portable buildings on the site?

There will be no portable buildings on the site, when the new building opens.

Will there be enough parking spots for staff and parent volunteers at the school?

We are planning for between 150 and 159 staff/visitor parking spaces. The current site only has 100.  Additionally, when the school is being used for events outside of normal school hours, additional parallel parking stalls can be utilized.

Will there be “nooks” near the grade level groups?

There will be nooks for small break-out groups.  This is a design goal recognized in the Education Specification.

Will there be an elevator?

Yes, there will be an elevator, so all students can reach the upper-level classrooms and to help the custodial staff move furniture.  The majority of the vertical circulation will be achieved via stairwells.

Will space be provided for PTO meetings, including space to work together and put on activities?

Although use of the spaces are up to the discretion of the school staff, there will be a gym with a stage and cafeteria where these meetings could be held.  Additionally, these two spaces will open up into one large space to accommodate larger groups.  Although use of the spaces are up to the discretion of the school staff, there will be a volunteer office and conference room space in the main office as well as the main work room and smaller rooms upstairs near the classrooms.

Is there anything being put into place to lessen the traffic congestion in the area?

Yes, separation of bus drop-off and parent drop-off and pick-up will reduce conflicts.  Access has been moved off of SW Farmington Road, with bus access on SW Marlin Drive and parent/staff parking access of SW Miller Hill Road.  Street frontage improvements to SW Marlin Drive and SW Miller Hill Road will be provided as a part of construction and will improve traffic circulation.

Will the building provide and area to stage student pick–up?

Yes, there are large overhangs at the front of the school and near the courtyard.

Will the cafeteria and gym be large enough to support current and future populations?

Yes, the gym has been designed to hold the entire anticipated student body, 750 students.  The current enrollment is 700 students.

Will the classrooms have sound systems, so that teachers can use microphones?

Yes, voice amplification will be provided to the classrooms.

Will there be walls to which students can post work with staples or tacks?

Yes, there are tackable strips along the hallways and tack boards in the classrooms.

Will the new school construction affect the Nutrition Services program at Hazeldale?


During the transition year, will it be possible to have school activities held within the Hazeldale boundaries, instead of at the Timberland site?

Possibly.  We will be coordinating the neighboring schools and community members to locate conferences and other activities.

How is the building going to withstand an earthquake?

The building will be built above code minimums to withstand a significant earthquake without major structural damage to the building.

When is the groundbreaking?

The groundbreaking will be in September 2017.

Where can additional information and updates be found?

Additional information can be found on the following website:  (Note:  This was the website provided and it appears to be a dead link.  I did find some valuable info here, however.)

When will the existing school building be demolished?

After the district removes all of the teaching materials and furniture from the building, it will begin to be demolished in July 2017.

How will the new school address radon?

The design of the new school includes ventilation systems that complies with the International Building Code.  This system vents the naturally occurring radon out from under the building, so that it will not seep up through the building floor.

Will the new school contain lead water piping?

No.  The District does not allow lead-containing piping or fixtures to be installed in the school.

Check out this fancy video that the District had posted on their site that shows what the new Hazeldale will look like!
Hazedale Flythrough Video