Hello! Thanks to all the parents that attended Volunteer Orientation today! It was great to see so many people there!

Note: In case you were unable to attend, just a heads up that individuals that just recently submitted their form for the background check may have a little bit of a wait. There’s currently about a three-week backlog. If you’re hoping to volunteer for the fun run and you haven’t yet completed your background check, please contact Rosanne Tyson and she will attempt to get your request expedited.

Just wanted to provide a quick overview of the process for logging hours in the volunteer system too for when you’re doing work remotely (or if you forgot to log in on the computer at the school… or if you forgot to log out!)  You can also follow these instructions to sign up for an activity.

  • Head over to the log-in page.  (You can also access this page, by visiting the PTO website, clicking on the VOLUNTEER link and choosing MY VOLUNTEER PAGE APPLICATION FORM. Click on the “Go to volunteer login” link on the right column.)
  • Type in your user name and password on the following window. (Can’t remember? You can also reset your credentials too.)
  • A new window will pop up.

volunteer system

  • To log hours already worked, click on the HOURS link, select Hazeldale Elementary as the organization from the drop-down, choose an Activity (you may need to click on the Active button to get them all to appear), choose the date you volunteered, fill in the amount of time you worked, and then hit Save.

Log Hours Page

  • To sign up for possible volunteer opportunities, click on the OPPORTUNITIES tab and click on the Activity that you’re interested in. In the new window that pops up,  just click on the Sign Up button.

choose an activity