A packet of Frequently Asked Questions about Hazeldale at 118th (i.e., the temporary school our kids will be attending next year, while Hazeldale is being rebuilt) was distributed at this month’s PTO Meeting.  A link to these FAQs was posted previously, but they’re helpful, so they merit a reposting!

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions about Hazeldale @118th

What is the address at 118th?
650 NW 118th Avenue Portland, OR 97229

What is the school’s phone number? 503-356-2010
Attendance line: 503-356-2011

What are the school hours?
Student Hours 9:20am-3:55pm
Staff hours 8:30am- 4:30pm

Who is eligible to ride the bus?
Beaverton School District will provide transportation for all Hazeldale students during this transition year.

How will I be notified of my child’s bus route or if there is a change in stop time or stop location?
You will receive a letter with instructions to access the District’s on-line system to locate your student’s bus stop location and pickup/drop off time. During the school year, if any changes are made, flyers will be handed out on the bus to each student to take home prior to the change and the school will be notified in advance of any changes.

All the buses look alike. How do I know which one my child is to ride?
The bus route number is displayed along with the bus stop location and pickup/drop off times in the on-line system. Also, each bus has the route number displayed on each side of the bus with white numbers on a black background.

How is my child’s bus stop assigned?

School bus stops are placed in centralized locations. Each student’s home address is evaluated and the closest bus stop is assigned based upon walking distance criteria established by School Board Administrative Regulations

Can my student use any bus stop I want?
No. District policy dictates students use their assigned bus stop only. This helps prevent overcrowding at bus stops and on bus routes.

Will my child have the same AM and PM bus stop?
Yes. We will make every effort to keep the AM & PM stops at the same location.

What time do students need to be at the bus stop?
Students should be at their designated stop and ready to board 5 minutes prior to the scheduled stop time. Traffic and other circumstances can cause the bus to be early or late on any given day.

How long will my child’s bus ride be?
During the transition year, we expect students to be on the bus between 45 and 55 minutes, depending on the location of your bus stop. WE EXPECT EXCELLENCE WE INNOVATE WE EMBRACE EQUITY WE COLLABORATE Transportation Department 503.356-4221

Do I have to escort my child to/from the bus stop?
Escorting your child to/from the bus stop is not required however, it is highly recommended for kindergarten and first grade students, especially at the beginning of the school year. It is also highly recommended for any student who may have difficulty navigating their way to/from the bus stop.

Can a student ride to a different stop or on a different route on a one time basis?
Your student must have a written note signed by their parent/guardian and school secretary or administrator. The note should be given to the driver, and the student may only ride if there is space on the bus and no additional stops are required. A note must be provided for each occurrence. If this is permanent change, i.e. for child care, please submit the request to the school and transportation will make the change. This process can take up to 5 business days.

Can my child carry a cell phone or iPad on the bus?
Yes, but they are required to use it responsibly and not create a distraction for the driver. The District assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged personal items. If the items is lost, call the Transportation Dispatch phone at (503) 356-4200 as soon as you know an item has been left on the bus. The dispatcher will attempt to contact the driver to locate the item. In most cases, your student will be able to retrieve the item the next time they ride the bus. Items of high monetary value are turned into Dispatch for safekeeping

If I have a concern about my child’s route or driver, whom do I talk to?
Contact the Transportation Center at (503) 356-4200 unless translation services are needed, in which case please contact the school or the Welcome Center at (503) 356-3755.

Can a parent ride the bus with their child?
Generally no. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis. Permission must be arranged in advance and approved by School and Transportation Administration.

What happens if my child gets on the wrong bus?
Students who board the wrong bus should notify the bus driver as soon as possible. The school will be notified, and the bus driver will return the student to school.

Is there transportation for after-school activities?
Transportation for after-school activities is not available during this transition year.

If my child gets sick at school during the day, will the bus take them home early?
Bus service is not available during the day to transport sick students home, however a school staff member driving a District vehicle may be available to transport your child during the transition year.

What do I do if my bus is late?
Sometimes traffic conditions cause our buses to run behind schedule. Please be patient and allow at least 15 minutes before calling the Transportation Dispatch Office at 503-356-4200.

Can a parent take their student off the bus along the route?
No. Federal and State Transportation regulations only permit the students to depart the bus at their designated stop or at school. For the safety and security of all students, only a district staff member may remove a student from the bus at school.

Do students receive training about what to do in an emergency?
Yes. As an important part of providing safe student transportation, drills are conducted twice per year at all of our schools.

One meeting attendee asked about a future open house at Hazeldale at 118th (also sometimes referred to as Timberland) and inquired about photos.  There actually was an open house at the beginning of the year; several photos are posted below.  (Bear in mind, Vose and Springville are currently in residence there, so things may change a little bit!)

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