We’ve lost a few of our volunteers for art literacy, so we need your help!

Why Volunteer for Art Literacy?

  • Helps students to think creatively and problem solve, both which prepare them for the future.
  • Helps students learn how to observe; something naturalists, climatologists, writers, and doctors need to know how to do.
  • Encourages students to form mental images – an ability chemists, engineers, architects, designers, and investors use to think up new ideas.
  • Celebrates many perspectives. Students learn to value diverse views and cultures, something ever important in a global society.
  • Helps students realize there are many ways to see and interpret the world.
  • Has the unique ability to communicate ideas and emotions of the human spirit, connecting us to our history, traditions, and heritage.

Being an Art Literacy Volunteer takes about 3-4 hours per lesson.

All six lessons are ready for you.  You just:

  • Come to a daytime training meeting before each new artist lesson (or, if you can’t make that, you might be able to sit in on someone else’s presentation to find out how the lessons works)
  • Present the lesson to a classroom and do a hands-on art project. All materials are provided.  Or you can just help the day of the art project.
  • Classroom times are scheduled well in advance, so you can plan your calendar.

This year, we’re covering the following artists:

October – James Lavadour
Nov/ Dec – Henri Matisse
January – Pierre Auguste Renoir
Feb/ Mar – Georgia O’Keeffe
April – Eugene Delacroix
May/ June – Japan

Interested?  Contact Meredith Middaugh or Becky Solonika!

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