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Family Game Night!

What was YOUR favorite game at this year’s Family Game Night?

A big thank you to the Hazeldale staff for staying late and teaching all of us some new games!

Take a look at pictures of some of the festivities here.

Family Game Night – Late Post!

It dawned on me today that I neglected to post a link to  photos from Hazeldale’s Family Game Night, that took place on November 29!  Take a moment to visit here for photos from the event!

The hope is to have requested board games sent home before Winter Break!

Family Game Night… with Photos!

Family Game Night was heaps of fun again this year! I know my family is hoping to get a copy of Clumsy Thief!

Thanks to the families who braved the rainy weather to venture back to the school this evening… and a HUGE thank you to the teachers and staff, who stuck around after hours and made the night such a huge success!

Here are some photos from the event! It might be easier to click on the first photo and just click through them full-size!

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Family Game Night is Tonight!

Family Game Night is tonight, Thursday, November 16, at Hazeldale @ 118th between 6 and 8 p.m.!

All the teachers will be there!

Come play some games, fill out a questionnaire at the end of the night, and get a game to take home at a later date!

For a complete list of the games that will be set up, visit this link: https://www.facebook.com/HazeldaleElementary/posts/1746959792043666

Also, remember to bring in a book (or two or three) and swap it out for a different one at our Book Swap, while you’re there!

board game

Family Game Night on Nov 16

Join us for Family Game Night With All Your Teachers!
Thursday, November 16th
6:00-8:00 pm
Hazeldale @ 118th

6-6:30 pm :  Pizza Meet & Greet (Think appetizers for the family vs. dinner)
6:30-8:00 pm: Game Options & Book Swap Opens

ALL the teachers will be here!

Give One Get One Book Swap
(Don’t worry if you forget to donate or bring a book to exchange!)


 Most likely we will order the game and send it home with your child following the event!
You have to come and turn in your wish list/feedback sheet in order to receive a game, however.

Playing board games, card games, and any other fun games are ways to connect with other people in a lighthearted way while also developing
critical thinking skills such as memory, strategy, literacy, arithmetic, visual
patterns, and more.

Learn more about board games and how they help our kids at the links below:

Family Game Night!

Enjoy Family Game Night with your kids and their teachers!

Thursday, November 17
5:30 – 7:30 pm
5:30 – 6 pm:  Pizza Meet & Greet (think appetizers, rather than dinner)
6 – 7:30 pm:  Game Options and Book Swap Opens

All teachers will be in attendance!

Give-One-Get-One Book Swap
(Don’t worry, if you forget to donate or bring a book to the exchange!)


We will order the game and send it home with your child following the event!
You have to come and turn in your with list/feedback sheet in order to receive a game!

Be sure to head back here to the PTO site over the weekend for photos of the event!

Location Game Teachers
Main Hallway (outside cafeteria) Give-One-Get-One Book Swap Taylor, Clifford, Reberry
A-100 (Mrs. Jensen’s Room) Rack-O Sowers, Jenson, Devlin, Scifres
A-118 (Mrs. Lam’s Room) Kerfuffle Lam, Jury, Anderson, Lowry
A-102 (Mrs. Bodin’s Room) Wits & Wagers Family Edition Hogan, Putnam, Bodin, Culbert
A-104 (Mrs. Onishi’s Room) Apples to Apples Junior Uzzle, Laing, Martinez, Graziano
A-116 (Ms. Myers’ Room) HedBanz Myers, Coli, Blaisdell, Bidwell, De Bow
A-114 (Mrs. Ziehnert’s Room) Quiddler Ziehnert, Ellison, Corris
A-112 (Mrs. Benoit’s Room) Yahtzee Petty, Jurich, Hess, Benoit
A-108 (Mrs. Graziano’s Room) Suspend Gilbertson, Hale, Robertson, Duckart
A-106 (Mrs. Martinez’s Room) The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game Lanphere, Onishi, Lynn

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