The 2nd grade is in need volunteers to read with the kids! We want to get all of our kiddos reading!!! It would be great if we could get one volunteer every day or, at least, volunteers three days a week per class (3 classes).

For example, Volunteer A comes in on Mondays, Volunteer B on Tuesday, etc.

Volunteers are needed 10:30-11:15, every school day.

Here is what it would look like:

  • 10:30: Come in to the class. They’ll be finishing their mini-lesson. Kids will start reading.
  • 10:45-11:15: Read with kids. (Your assigned teacher will provide a schedule of who to read with. This is one-on-one reading; you will not read in front of the class).
  • 11:15: Walk out with the class, as they head to recess and lunch. Volunteers are free to go.

We’re looking to schedule from Monday, December 2, through Friday, June 5. If you can, please email all days/dates you could volunteer.


  • You can come every Thursday and Friday through December 20th
  • You can come in the 1st Tuesday of every month through June 2nd.

Erin Belay will send a schedule in a spreadsheet that will block out all holidays and put your name next to the dates you have signed up for and which teacher.

Thank you!