We’ve had some pretty crazy weather this winter!  Beaverton School District has put into place a plan for making up some of the nine snow days that we’ve experienced!  (Fingers crossed that we don’t have any more!)

Per BSD’s website, they “will be making the following adjustments to the District calendar, restoring six (6) instructional days for students and extending the first semester by one week, effective immediately.”

Days to be Restored for Students ​ ​
Elementary Middle School High School/Options
February 3 February 3 February 3
March 10 March 10 March 10
April 28 June 22 June 22
June 22 Conferences (3 days) Finals early release (3 days)
Conferences (2 days)

Note: First semester will end February 10 versus February 3. Both days will be student instructional days.

For more information about why they decided to go this route or more information about restoration of instructional time, due to inclement weather, visit the Beaverton School District website.