Enjoy Family Game Night with your kids and their teachers!

Thursday, November 17
5:30 – 7:30 pm
5:30 Р6 pm:  Pizza Meet & Greet (think appetizers, rather than dinner)
6 Р7:30 pm:  Game Options and Book Swap Opens

All teachers will be in attendance!

Give-One-Get-One Book Swap
(Don’t worry, if you forget to donate or bring a book to the exchange!)


We will order the game and send it home with your child following the event!
You have to come and turn in your with list/feedback sheet in order to receive a game!

Be sure to head back here to the PTO site over the weekend for photos of the event!

Location Game Teachers
Main Hallway (outside cafeteria) Give-One-Get-One Book Swap Taylor, Clifford, Reberry
A-100 (Mrs. Jensen’s Room) Rack-O Sowers, Jenson, Devlin, Scifres
A-118 (Mrs. Lam’s Room) Kerfuffle Lam, Jury, Anderson, Lowry
A-102 (Mrs. Bodin’s Room) Wits & Wagers Family Edition Hogan, Putnam, Bodin, Culbert
A-104 (Mrs. Onishi’s Room) Apples to Apples Junior Uzzle, Laing, Martinez, Graziano
A-116 (Ms. Myers’ Room) HedBanz Myers, Coli, Blaisdell, Bidwell, De Bow
A-114 (Mrs. Ziehnert’s Room) Quiddler Ziehnert, Ellison, Corris
A-112 (Mrs. Benoit’s Room) Yahtzee Petty, Jurich, Hess, Benoit
A-108 (Mrs. Graziano’s Room) Suspend Gilbertson, Hale, Robertson, Duckart
A-106 (Mrs. Martinez’s Room) The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game Lanphere, Onishi, Lynn